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SCORE Holds At #1 Entering October, Awards Season

LOS ANGELES — With awards season approaching and some high-profile documentaries appearing on the charts, SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY held it's place as the top documentary in North America on the iTunes charts.

SCORE led for a fourth consecutive week, with the food documentary What's With Wheat taking the #2 spot, and the Steve Jobs documentary The Man In The Machine surging to #3 because of a 99-cent sale. Also appearing were a couple of releases considered to be major Academy Award contenders. City of Ghosts rose to #4, while Abacus: Small Enough to Jail rounded out the Top 5.

SCORE also released a limited edition concept art Blu-ray/DVD combo hand signed by its director Matt Schrader. The discs were produced on a limited basis for crowdfunding backers and early supporters, but remaining units are available in the US for $34.99 + free shipping until inventory runs out.

The discs also include several short bonus features and a director's commentary track. You can learn more about the box set at the SCORE Store.

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