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Hans Zimmer to Retire From Music, Start New Healthcare Venture


The legendary film composer Hans Zimmer, responsible for many of the great and memorable scores of the last several decades, has announced he is taking a permanent leave from film music for a greater cause.

The departure is unprecedented for a film composer of Zimmer’s status, but the 60-year-old Zimmer says the influence he’s built up has weighed heavily on him to make a positive impact on the world.

On Sunday, he pledged an undisclosed amount of money to launch a new healthcare venture that aims to utilize body movement and stretching to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Specifically, this new venture will “pull our legs,” according to Zimmer.

Another key focus is the promotion of positive feeling and reactions, or as Zimmer says, “having a laugh.”

Zimmer says he’s committing, through this new venture, to “busting our chops,” “winding us up,” and “yanking our chains," but when asked for further comment said only "Why so serious?"

(Happy April Fools Day! This article is 100% a joke.)

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