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SCORE opens strong in Germany in 50 theaters, notches opening weekend Box Office win

Strong interest from moviegoers helped SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY land a successful opening in 50 theaters in the first week of the new year.

SCORE, which grossed more than $100,000 at the U.S. Box Office in late 2017, earned $31,600 in its opening weekend, with a per-screen average of $645.

Showing in 32 cities across Germany, SCORE will be one of the larger documentary releases to hit theaters in 2018.

For a complete list of theaters showing SCORE on opening weekend, you can visit the distributor's German-language Facebook page. or the official German-language website


Aachen-Capitol Theater Aachen Aachen-Eden Palast Kino Aachen Aschaffenburg-Casino Filmtheater Aschaffenburg Augsburg-Lechflimmern Kino in Augsburg "Thalia" Berlin - Capitol Cinema (Dahlem) Berlin-Kino in der KulturBrauerei Berlin-Delphi Filmpalast Berlin - Kant Cinema (Charlottenburg) Berlin-Kino International Berlin-BABYLON Bochum-Filmkunstkinos Metropolis & Casablanca Bochum Bonn-Sternlichtspiele Bonn Darmstadt-Citydome Darmstadt Tel Bach-Cineworld-Cineplex Mainfrankenpark Dortmund-Roxy Kino Dortmund Düsseldorf-Cinema Kino Düsseldorf Essen-Filmstudio Glückauf Frankfurt / main-Cinestar Metropolis Frankfurt Frankfurt / main-Harmonie & Cinema: Arthouse Kinos Frankfurt Freiburg-Friedrichsbau | HARMONIE | Kandelhof Kinos "Apollo" Casting-Kinocenter Gießen Hamburg-ABATON Kino Hamburg-zeise Hamburg-Koralle Kino Hamburg-Studio-Kino Hamburg Hanover - cinema at télévision + skyscraper Heidelberg-Gloria & Kamera Filmkunsttheater Karlsruhe - Performance Cinerama - Cinema & theatre Kiel-Studio Filmtheater am Dreiecksplatz Cologne-Off Broadway Kino Cologne-Weisshaus Kino Leipzig-Passage Kinos Leipzig Lübeck-Filmhaus Lübeck Mainz-Cinestar-der Filmpalast Mannheim-Atlantis Odeon Kinos Mannheim Marburg-Capitol Center Marburg Marburg-Cineplex Marburg Munich-Monopol Kino München Munich-City Kinos München Munich-KINO SOLLN Neufahrn-Cineplex Neufahrn Nuremberg-Cinecitta' Multiplexkino-Nürnberg Oberhausen-LICHTBURG FILMPALAST, Oberhausen Osnabrück-Cinestar Osnabrück Osnabrück-Cinema Arthouse Regensburg-Garbo Kino Regensburg Stuttgart-Delphi Arthaus Kino Stuttgart-Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart "Gloria" Stuttgart - Downtown Cinemas Stuttgart "Metropol"

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