October 10, 2016

THE BOTTOM LINE: Lyrical and melodic, with a driving beat.

Hans Zimmer, Quincy Jones, Rachel Portman and Danny Elfman are among the dozens of film composers who discuss their craft in a documentary by Matt Schrader.

In the first few moments of his terrifically engaging documentary Score, director Matt Schrader makes his point about...

Throughout history, music has always had a powerful impact on both cinema and audiences. The first documentary of its kind, SCORE celebrates the emotional resonance of music in film by offering an inside look at the work of Hollywood’s most accomplished composers. First time director Matt Schrader goes behind the creative process...

May 19, 2016

LOS ANGELES — After months of sorting through raw footage, clips and music, SCORE: A Film Music Documentary is pushing a new frontier in the field of sound design and mixing.

Together with Kari Barber, MPSE, sound designer and re-recording mixer Peter Bawiec took on a daunting task: melding together nearly a century of film sound i...

February 15, 2016

Have you ever wondered why certain film scores stick in your head? Have you ever found yourself humming the bars from Jaws, more terrified by John Williams‘ iconic two-note motif than the (robotic) shark which hunted Roy Scheider and the citizens of Amity Island? So much of that has to do with the craft, and, moreover, the creativ...

January 8, 2016

“SCORE: A Film Music Documentary” has surpassed its Indiegogo fundraising goal. The film explores the power of film and TV music as an art form and delves into the creative and technical process of scoring a movie to create an emotional response in audiences.

Over 50 people – from composers to directors to film critics – have been...

December 20, 2015


To our SCORE supporters around the world: 

Wow, what a rush these last couple months have been for us! The additions we’ve made in this time have made SCORE a more comprehensive look at the art of film composing than we ever dreamed. 

We've been able to document the talent and insight of today's finest musical maestros,...

July 4, 2015


To our SCORE supporters around the world:

It’s hard to believe three months have passed since our Kickstarter campaign closed, but if you’ve been tracking our social media, you’ve seen some of the major successes we’ve had! We’re now in the process of finishing up our shooting (with the exception of a few key intervie...

March 14, 2015

LOS ANGELES — To the right of Kenny Holmes' half-eaten bagel, his phone flashes with notifications from a Kickstarter app, each pop-up message signifying a new donation to his already fully funded crowdfunding campaign to create a documentary about film scores. 

SCORE: A Film Music Documentary, which will explore the world of compo...

March 12, 2015

The first-ever documentary on film scoring is heading into the final stanza of a Kickstarter campaign aiming for a final-stretch goal of $100,000.

With more than two dozen interviews with film composers already shot, Score: A Film Music Documentary already has Hans Zimmer (see the clip below), Danny Elfman, Howard Shore and Christo...

February 16, 2015

"Standing on the podium and hearing it for the first time, I guess it’s like seeing your child for the first time," Oscar-nominated composer John Debney ("The Passion of the Christ") says in the trailer for "SCORE." Fittingly enough, the feature-length portrait of the power of film music, in the works from a Los Angeles-based team...

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