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Support Score: The Podcast

Thanks for listening to Score: The Podcast! Like any show, we incur regular costs producing each episode, from equipment to transportation and podcast hosting and servers. Your financial support helps us continue the show, doing what we love, and bringing you quality guests and episodes!

**Limited Offer for New Supporters**

Not sure how much to give? Every penny helps.

$0.99/month | Loyal Listener — 3 cents a day | Helps pay for transportation to interviews.

$1.99/month | Supporter — 7 cents a day | Pays for about one week of our average equipment costs.

$6.99/month | Sr. Producer — 23 cents a day | Pays for one week of server space!

$9.99/month | Crew Member — 33 cents a day | Pays for our average monthly equipment costs.

$19.99/month | Sponsor — 67 cents a day | Pays for our monthly server space!

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