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Season 2 Episode 13 | Christopher Lennertz changed his major after a Henry Mancini scoring session

Robert and Kenny begin the show by discussing composer Dan Romer to compose for Bond 25, other hot releases like Stuber, The Farewell, and Crawl. The hosts also answer a viewer question about soundtrack releases and discuss the big earthquakes in Southern California.

Then award-winning composer Christopher Lennertz joins to share the story of growing up with an illustrious group of mentors around him including the late maestro Elmer Bernstein, accidentally walked into Henry Mancini’s recording session which later gave him the final push into becoming a film composer, working with pop stars Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas and Janelle Monáe on Uglydolls, and the artistic genius of Seth Rogen.

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Hosts: Robert Kraft & Kenny Holmes Executive Producer: Matt Schrader Coordinator: Carol Kuswanto

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