Season 1 Episode 17 | Heitor Pereira, The Inside Track with Dr. Siu-Lan Tan & Name That Score

Robert and Kenny begin the show talking about the upcoming Quincy Jones documentary and debate the Oscars’ new “Popular Film” category.

Then Heitor Pereira comes in to discuss how his Brazilian family sold a car and he sold his only guitar to buy a ticket to New England on a cargo ship so he could study music.

In The Inside Track, music psychologist Dr. Siu-Lan Tan discusses how TV shows tailor their tunes to support the ideas behind the show, with examples from Seinfeld to Lost and The Simpsons.

Then Heitor talks about the origin of his “Backyard Industries” studio and how he convinced Hans Zimmer to use “a concerto” of guitars on Gladiator.

Lastly, Heitor joins us to play a “Guitar Film Scores” edition of Name That Score, where you — yes, you — could be a winner!

Hosts: Robert Kraft & Kenny Holmes Executive Producer: Matt Schrader Copyright 2018 Score: The Podcast

Mentioned In This Episode

Heitor Pereira “Minions” Scoring Session (Clip 6/7) SCORE: A FILM MUSIC DOCUMENTARY

Gladiator by Hans Zimmer “The Battle”

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