Season 1 Episode 14 | Christophe Beck, Behind the Score & Name That Score


Score: The Podcast welcomes Christophe Beck, Emmy Award-winning composer of some of the biggest shows and movies of the last two decades, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, The Muppets, Pitch Perfect, Disney's Frozen, Trolls, Edge of Tomorrow, The Hangover comedy movies, and Marvel's Ant-Man and upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6).

Robert and Kenny begin the show making their Emmy nomination picks for the best TV shows and TV scores of the year.

Then Christophe Beck comes in to discuss how to score comedy and exaggerating a punchline with humorous music.

Behind the Score dives into the studio musicians that record on most of Hollywood’s biggest scores, including cellist Steve Erdody who has recorded on over 1,200 scores in his career.

Then Christophe dives into his new $1M SESAC Scores: The Beck Diversity Project initiative, meant to foster new talent from diverse backgrounds, and discusses how he got the Ant-Man gig, and previews Ant-Man and The Wasp!

Lastly, Chris joins us to play an “alien movie”-themed edition of Name That Score, where you — yes, you — could be a winner! Play along for your chance to win a fabulous prize on Twitter @ScoreThePodcast.

Hosts: Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes.

Executive Producer: Matt Schrader.

Copyright 2018 Score: The Podcast

Mentioned In This Episode

Cheaper By The Dozen by Christophe Beck (Frog for Breakfast scene)

Edge of Tomorrow by Christophe Beck

Marvel's Ant-Man by Christophe Beck

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