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Season 1 Episode 12 | Jeff Russo, Behind the Score & Name That Score


Score: The Podcast welcomes Jeff Russo, composer of several of the most successful television shows of the modern era, including Star Trek: Discovery, Legion, Fargo, The Night Of, Altered Carbon, as well as Peter Berg's upcoming film Mile 22, starring Mark Wahlberg.

Robert and Kenny begin the show talking about the boom in live concerts and how composers are going mainstream, previewing this week’s Behind the Score episode with Hans Zimmer. Then we review a few entries of our #NameThatScore theme-writing contest.

Then Jeff Russo comes in to discuss how he got the call to do Star Trek: Discovery, and his strategy for scoring the emotional core of the story instead of the action. Plus, who he often works with when scoring episodes, including working with Jonathan Frakes, who’s directing episode 2 of Season 2, and what kind of music to expect in the upcoming season.

In this week’s Behind the Score, Hans Zimmer discusses the Film Music Era and how composers are merging into rockstars, selling out concert tours and their music being played by orchestras all over the world, bringing in a new generation of popular music audiences.

Then Jeff dives into FX’s award-winning Fargo anthology series, and Legion (which we find out during the show has been renewed for season 3), and his scoring dreamscapes and dance battles.

Lastly, Jeff joins us to play a Sci-fi score edition of Name That Score, where you — yes, you — could be a winner!

Hosts: Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes.

Executive Producer: Matt Schrader.

Mentioned In This Episode

Star Trek: Discovery Title Sequence, by Jeff Russo