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An Important Update

EAST HAMPTON, NEW YORK — The attention and interest in SCORE has been overwhelming. We are on the cusp of something special, and I’m humbled at the response we’ve already seen around the world.

We are in the final stage of the filmmaking process: Finding our distributions partners. For those outside of the filmmaking world, distribution can sound boring, but it is the way a film reaches the public. Without distribution partners, films do not end up in theaters, on TV, or on online platforms like Netflix, Amazon or iTunes. Distribution partners are an immensely important part of people ever actually seeing a film.

So when you have a chance at good distribution, you have to take it. SCORE is now in that position. Our world premiere at the Hamptons International Film Festival was sold-out, and today SCORE received a glowing review in The Hollywood Reporter from one of the most-influential film critics in the world.

In addition, we have signed with Cinetic Media, which has unparalleled reputation and has represented the last three Oscar-winning documentary films. With their help, we hope to get SCORE to the best distributors not just in the United States, but across the world.

This is extremely rare for crowdfunded films. You’ve helped us accomplish something unprecedented, and the future of the film has never looked so bright.

There is a tradeoff, however. Potential distributors prefer that we not self-distribute the film in November, our promised release date to you. Doing this would jeopardize our ability to secure a wide release for the film, as well as the ability of our dedicated team (who have worked entirely unpaid volunteering thousands of hours up to this point) to profit from over two years of hard work.

We made a commitment to you to make the best film we could, and to release it on a set date. On the first count we have delivered in spades. But our release date has changed twice, and some of you may rightly feel frustrated we’re moving the goalpost again. I understand that frustration and agree — the delay sucks. I’m sorry we haven’t been able to deliver in the timeframe we originally planned.

We want to make SCORE a worldwide success, and cutting corners at this final stage does the film and everyone involved in it (including you) a disservice. We hope you understand, and that you share our excitement for the path of this film. Instead of being lost to time, SCORE will be able to live on for years or even decades, beginning next year in 2017. We ask one more time that you trust us; the film is worth the wait, and you won’t be disappointed to be a part of it.

We also maintain that your rewards will not change; only the timeline.

In the meantime, there will be other opportunities to see SCORE: Film festivals. (In movie theaters, with surround sound.) We will be screening at festivals this fall in Seattle-Tacoma, New York City, Denver, Hawaii, and South Florida. If you’d like to attend, let us know at

Two years ago, we never would have anticipated SCORE would be in the position it’s in today. I know most of you never thought we’d have a shot to show the film in theaters. We’re proud of what you’ve helped us make, and know we’re on the right track with the best strategic partners to help SCORE make the biggest impact on the whole world. We know you’ll be happy with the end result.

-Matt Schrader and the SCORE Team

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