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Season 3 Episode 12 | Ludwig Göransson has the Midas touch

Kenny and Robert begin the show with a special “Theme Song Throwback” segment joined by longtime WWE composer Jim Johnston. The maestro of the squared circle reveals his secrets for writing the most iconic entrance themes of professional wrestling’s top superstars including The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Goldust.

Then, Oscar and Grammy-winning composer Ludwig Goransson joins the show sharing what surprised him about Christopher Nolan while recording the score for his upcoming blockbuster film Tenet, his mesmerizing first trip to Jon Favreau’s office when meeting about writing his now Emmy-nominated score for The Mandalorian, how a song on Community led to a collaboration with Childish Gambino that won the 2019 grammy for record of the year and how he heard his music played by an orchestra for the first time at age seventeen.

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