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Bonus Episode | An Interview with Dr. Siu-Lan Tan

Robert and Kenny begin the show discussing film scores that didn’t qualify for the 2019 Academy Awards, including John Powell and John Williams’ score for SOLO: A Star Wars Story which notably missed the deadline for submission.

Then music psychologist and author Dr. Siu-Lan Tan, who is featured in SCORE: A Film Music Documentary and Score: The Podcast Season 1, joins the show to discuss her fascinating studies of film music. She explains why music can give us goosebumps, the use of eye-tracking, the “ventriloquism effect” and many more ways we can be affected while watching a film or television series.

In honor of this bonus episode’s guest, we dug up the very first episode of The Inside Track with Dr. Siu-Lan Tan to revisit how composers use the final notes of a film to manipulate your feeling about the ending.

Lastly, Kenny and Robert get to some audience questions sent in over social media for Dr. Tan. She discusses why the choir has such an emotional impact on us, why themes and motifs help tell the story and why certain instruments are used to create moods. To close out the episode, Kenny selects a lucky listener as the winner of an autographed copy of Dr. Tan’s book, Psychology of Music: From Sound to Significance, Second Edition.

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Hosts: Robert Kraft & Kenny Holmes Executive Producer: Matt Schrader Copyright 2018 Score: The Podcast


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