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The Ultimate Star Trek Live Concert Could Be Coming Soon

LOS ANGELES — The popularity of live film and TV concert experiences continues to rise, and now, if you’ve been anxiously awaiting a big Star Trek Live concert, you may want to sit down for this.

Jeff Russo, the Emmy Award-winning composer of Star Trek: Discovery, told Score: The Podcast in an episode releasing Tuesday that a collaboration performance with Michael Giacchino, the Academy Award-winning composer who has scored the last three Star Trek feature films, could be in the works.

The podcast episode releases free on Tuesday, and touches on several aspects of the hit series' music.

“I’m actually traveling to Spain in July to perform pieces from Star Trek," Russo replied when asked about any upcoming Star Trek concerts. "And then, they just asked me to do something in [Las Vegas], me and Michael Giacchino, to perform some music from the movies and from the new show."

"I’m not sure if that’s happening yet or not," he added, "but it might be.”

The suggestion is nevertheless exciting for fans of Star Trek's iconic music.

The recent global successes of Hans Zimmer Live as well as composer Ramin Djawadi’s Game of Thrones Live indicate a Star Trek film and TV concert would be a smashing success. Some have dubbed the modern age "The Film Music Era" — a moniker further discussed on Score: The Podcast's biweekly segment Behind the Score, which will also release Tuesday.

If the Russo-Giacchino concert happens, it would follow in the footsteps of a highly successful Star Trek 50th anniversary celebration concert tour in 2016.

Russo also hinted at some possible musical direction for Star Trek: Discovery season 2, for which he's recently begun writing music, including working on some musical components of episode 2 with Jonathan Frakes, Russo said in the Score: The Podcast interview.

The episode releases Tuesday at midnight Pacific time. You can subscribe to the show for free on Apple Podcasts.

Russo also indicated Discovery season 2 may embrace a "swashbuckling" musical sound, though he doesn't expect a dramatic departure from the musical approach taken in season 1, which has received acclaim for its fresh approach while staying true to the celebrated musical history of the Star Trek universe. He was tight lipped about any storyline reveals for season 2.

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