Series Premiere | John Debney, Behind the Score: James Cameron & Name That Score

Score: The Podcast welcomes John Debney, Oscar-nominated composer of films such as The Passion of The Christ, Elf, Liar Liar, Iron Man 2, The Jungle Book, The Greatest Showman and dozens more over the past three decades.

Robert and Kenny begin the show with conversation about the music from Stranger Things and figure skater Tonya Harding’s original “Triple Axel” performance to Danny Elfman’s Batman.

Then, James Cameron takes us into the music of James Horner in “Behind the Score,” and the team and John Debney play the first edition of “Name That Score!” where you the listeners can win a fabulous prize.

Hosts: Robert Kraft and Kenny Holmes.

Executive Producer: Matt Schrader.

Mentioned In This Episode

Stranger Things Extended theme:

SURVIVE Stranger Things theme (live):

Tonya Harding Triple Axel routine to Danny Elfman’s “Batman”:

Welcome to Mooseport:


Liar Liar:

The Greatest Showman “Art of the Musical” featurette:

Total runtime: 38:48. Copyright 2018 Epicleff Media.


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