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SBIFF2017 Meet the Makers: SCORE

In SCORE, director Matt Schrader focuses on the role of music in movies and the composers who orchestrate them. Through dozens of interviews with influential composers and film aficionados, Schrader tunes us into the craft of movie music magic, from the earliest talkies to contemporary computer-animated comic book epics. See

What inspired you to make this documentary?

I’ve loved film music as long as I can remember, and always been fascinated by the way it changes the meaning of a film. The right combination of music can make the visual feel completely different, and a certain visual can make music feel completely different. The interplay between them is where the magic happens, and we felt this was an area that needed to be explored and celebrated for the awe-inspiring effects it can often have on us in film.

I am pretty astounded at the roster of composers you managed to interview for this documentary. How did it all come together?

It took a long time! We were persistent from the start and believed the film would happen. Though many of these composers are incredibly busy, enough bought into our passion early on that we were able to build momentum and gather almost everyone we’d originally planned. In the end I believe we did 60-something interviews, and I believe 57 made it into the final film. We were really happy to be able to represent such a broad spectrum of film music to capture what we hope is the definitive look at this amazing art form.

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