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Documentary about film scores seeks final crescendo of Kickstarter funds

LOS ANGELES — To the right of Kenny Holmes' half-eaten bagel, his phone flashes with notifications from a Kickstarter app, each pop-up message signifying a new donation to his already fully funded crowdfunding campaign to create a documentary about film scores.

SCORE: A Film Music Documentary, which will explore the world of composers and the powerful scores they produce for major movies, will include interviews with Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, John Powell and dozens more musical stalwarts.

Just from midnight to noon, local time, on Friday, 45 donors pledged $2,230, bringing the total raised since Feb. 15 to more than $91,000, Holmes showed Mashable at a local café.

"These guys are the modern Beethoven and Mozart and they're really keeping classical music alive," said Holmes, the documentary's co-director of photography. "People really don't understand what these composers are doing — they may love the music, but this documentary will show them what they go through to create something so masterful."

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